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Moringa Formula 200 Capsules plus Tea
Moringa Fórmula 200 natural product Moringa Fórmula 200 natural product Moringa Fórmula 200 natural product

Moringa Formula 200 Capsules plus Tea

Brand: Cas Corp.
Product Code: MORINGAF200_1
Availability: In Stock

Envio: $4.99

MORINGA FORMULA 200 is a unique and proprietary blend of Moringa, Guarana, and Chia. This enhanced formula is a powerful source of energy and a natural stimulant. It also helps slow aging and helps improves memory.

Moringa, known as the elixir of life for its concentration of nutrients can alleviate many ailments. Hispanic or sage Chia is the secret of the Mayans and Aztecs to cure all diseases. Guarana is a natural stimulant and an excellent remedy against mental and physical fatigue.

Moringa: Tree of Life / elixir of life

  • Contains 7x more vitamin C than an orange
  • Contains 3x more iron than spinach
  • Contains 4x more calcium than milk
  • Contains 3x more potassium than a banana
  • High in antioxidants 

Chia: Salvia hispanica

  • Contribute to cardiovascular health
  • Help fight high levels of sugar in the blood: carbohydrates are digested slower and the conversion to glucose stays steady, avoiding sudden elevations of blood glucose.


  • Increases energy
  • Helps to reduce fatigue
  • Boosts endurance and Stamina

Serving per container:
60 capsules

Serving size:
2 capsules a day

Pregnant women who are breast-feeding: consult your doctor before using this.

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